Saturday, 15 November 2008

Rebels 2pm

Wilcox's Brigade (from Andersons command, moving to its right) smashes into Humphreys right flank at the same time!

Laws takes a pasting as he charges in on the Rebels right flank and a huge volley from the Union (10 on the dice) strikes them down like they were scything corn....

All of Huphreys command is now engaged in hand to hand action...

Laws line charges in with a 3:1 advantage.... +5 on the factors - but still only "drives back" Ward, who falls back to Cemetery ridge as the Rebs carry the position !!!!!

Then Birneys troops in their advanced position, against all odds, drive back Kershaw!!!

Then, to rub it in further, Carr drives back his opponnents too!

Maybe Huphreys position is the right one....?

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