Monday, 17 November 2008

About This site

This 10mm recreation of Day 2 at Gettysburg was played at Jasons house in Bristol, UK, and in an experiment was posted to the web as it happened.

The "as it happens" format meant that the newest items were always posted at the top of the page, so now (after the battle has ended) the battle is shown in reverse order on this site.

This means you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then work up if you want to follow the course of the battle.

The pictures are all thumbnails of 800x600 or 600x400 resolution originals. If you click on any of them you will therefore see a bigger, more detailed picture.

If you have a Google/Blogger ID you can post comments - which will appear on the site. Feel free to add clarifications etc.

We used standard Fire & Fury and 10mm figures from a number of manufacturers, mostly Pendraken or Minifigs. With 4 players per side, many of whom were new to the rules, we still managed to play to a de-facto conclusion in maybe 12 hours of game time.

If you want to mail me with questions, please go to the main site and mail me from there.

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