Sunday, 16 November 2008

The 2nd day (for us - Union 4pm in game terms)

At 4pm, the situation is balanced.

Rebels are swarming all over Cemetery Hill, but Meade has committed his remaining reserves to check them, gambling that he already has enough strength on his left to hold back Longstreet who is demoralized after the battering doled out by Humphreys.

Without Picketts division, which is now marching through the town of Gettysburg the Rebs would face a desparate struggle to hold onto their gains on Cemetery Hill as the Union forces start to assemble in ever greater numbers. But with him, and his fresh veterans, they maybe have a chance if they can time their attacks correctly

On the Rebel right, Huphreys valiant resistance has crumbled, but the Union have an imposing battery on Little Round Top as the Rebs regroup in the valley below.

Cemetery Hill

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